The idea is to build an interactive video platform for artists to compete against each other in online and live battles. By organizing battles in different categories that are connected to the Old School Hip Hop, Skate ‘n’ Surf Cultures we try to honor these forms of art and connect artists from all around the world.
Art is a creative process, in which you express your vision and skills and we see skills in every place, in every corner. Whether you take a train in Hamburg to marvel at graffiti, sit at Macba, Barcelona watching skaters do insane tricks or chill at Playa Grande, Costa Rica seeing some dude making a 360 with his surfboard. Artbeef wants to capture all these moments and give props to young talents, semi professionals and hobby artists who make them happen.


Recording videos and comparing them in battles! Upload your videos at

What are battles?

  • Our battles are online and live competitions for individual artists or regional teams who compete against each other.
  • Online Battles will be carried out only at which means the performances will only be compared online.
  • LIVE Stream Battles will be a LIVE stream of a finals or an one on one battle.
  • LIVE Battles are the finals of a category where the best meets the best at a live event accompanied by a live streaming and broadcast

What’s in it for the artists?

The artists can win prizes in form of money, equipment related to their category and/or a free trip to a beautiful place where the finals take place.
Furthermore, we offer an opportunity for talents to get recognized by sponsors and other players intent on connecting artists from all around the world or even have the chance to be contracted directly by Artbeef

Who votes?
Who judges the artists’ performance?

Everybody ! So You do!
Everybody can vote for his favorite artists to win online battles or make it to the Live Finals. It will be much more fun for the viewers to have a stake than to just passively absorb the videos as couch potatoes. You are part of the battle!
You are the judge!

What do I have to do?

Just hit the FIST
Hi the fist below the artist´s profile picture or video. Your device will automatically transfer your vote to WhatsApp, via which you’ll send a message: The text: „I want to vote for… (name of the artist you vote for)!“ …
…will appear automatically so you just have to press the “SEND” button.
he deadlines will be announced in time at and also via WhatsApp so you can make your final decision in time.

Why beef?

Come on dude…. We just thought it’s a catchy name. We do not really want the artists to have beef in the traditional sense of the word. We are simply aiming to connect artists and to honor them by creating a new format for a fair competition in the sports and arts we truly love.

Criticism, Support, Recommendations

Despite the fact that we spent blood, sweat and tears (and of course money), endless days and nights in discussions and despite the fact that we are pleased with the outcome so far, we’ve still got a way ahead of us and we are very much aware that there is plenty of room for improvement. We are grateful for your comments, which help us to bring our ideas to a higher level.

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