Artbeef is created for artists who love what they do. No matter if we talk about Skateboarding, Surfing, Breakdancing or making music, these are all forms of creations and ways to express yourself. Even if our society doesn’t always consider art as something “ useful”. (especially the artforms that we focus on), we are still convinced that it has a huge impact on our social behavior, our ability to empathise and our mindset. For instance, transforming your emotions into a creative process is like therapy for most of us.
Art connects people with completely different stories and backgrounds and in return this builds new diverse communities. We want artists from all over the world to connect, interact and maybe even become recognized but above all make them feel good about what they do and support their lifestyle through this platform. Unfortunately not everybody has the same opportunities to live out his or her passion. Therefore, Artbeef supports social projects related to these passions.



Costas Verdes is a grassroots non profit NGO founded in 2008 in Costa Rica. Its mission of restoring coastal ecosystems that were devastated from past agricultural practices and exploitation, specially cattle farming. We do this by creating, leading and executing beachfront reforestation projects, with an essential and permanent involvement of the local communities throughout the process.
Using only native species of the coastal forest, Costas Verdes collects seeds from different kinds of trees, including very endangered species, and reproduces thousands of trees to grow and plant in our 9 coastal restoration projects: Guiones (also known as BarriGuiones), Pelada, Barrigona, Camaronal, Arío, Jacó, Hermosa (our first project, created in 2009), Esterillos, and Herradura. Each year, Costas Verdes organizes a tree planting campaign in its projects, bringing together volunteers, local schools, businesses and neighbors, organizations, public entities, to plant thousands of trees and to help bringing back our coastal forests to the joy of wildlife and people both in our 12 year history, we have planted over 65,000 trees, reintroduced over 60 native species of trees, involved 25 local schools, and 9,000 volunteers.
Gerardo Bolaños, Barri Guiones COSTA VERDES